LYT use-cases that resonated with me

The following 3 use-cases of Linking Your ThinkingLinking Your Thinking
A framework to organize your [[Personal Knowledge Management|personal knowledge management]] system by [[Nick Milo]].


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resonated with me:

Do you want to make better sense of the world? Do you have many interests and want a system that helps you make connections & see the patterns between ideas?

This is relevant for both my personal and work PKM systems.

Do you want to get your thoughts in order? Do you want to journal, reflect, and live your days with more intention, calm, and expanded creativity?

I don't do much journaling in my personal PKM system currently, and the kind of journaling I do in my work PKM system is of a different kind (Interstitial Journaling, Done list). However, I'd like to journal more in my personal PKM system.

Do you want to be productive with your efforts? Do you want to be efficient and focused with your projects and efforts in order to manage them effectively?

This is relevant only for my work PKM system. My personal PKM system is completely separate from my "productivity system" that I use to keep track of things I have to do.