ES6 imports

import abc from "module-name";

This imports the default export of the module and assigns it to abc.

The name of the default export in module-name doesn't need to be the same as abc.

import { abc } from "module-name";

This imports the abc exports from module-name.

Only items that have been exported from module-name can be imported like this.

To import and rename:

import { abc as def } from "module-name";

This syntax can be used to import the default export of module-name like this:

import { default as abc } from "module-name";

All the exports of a module can be imported into a single namespace like this:

import * as mn from "module-name";

All exports from module-name can then be accessed using mn as a namespace (e.g.

The default export can be accessed using mn.default.

Note: this is equivalent to mn = require('module-name').

It is also possible to merge the different formats:

import { abc, def as x } from "module-name";
import defaultExport, { abc, xyz } from "module-name";
import defExp, * as mn from "module-name";