2022 Reading Challenge

2022 Read Harder Challenge

Source: https://bookriot.com/read-harder-2022/

Challenge Books Status
Read a biography of an author you admire    
Read a book set in a bookstore    
Read any book from the Women’s Prize shortlist/longlist/winner list    
Read a book in any genre by a POC that’s about joy and not trauma    
Read an anthology featuring diverse voices    
Read a nonfiction YA comic    
Read a romance where at least one of the protagonists is over 40    
Read a classic written by a POC    
Read the book that’s been on your TBR the longest    
Read a political thriller by a marginalized author (BIPOC, or LGBTQIA+)    
Read a book with an asexual and/or aromantic main character    
Read an entire poetry collection    
Read an adventure story by a BIPOC author    
Read a book whose movie or TV adaptation you’ve seen (but haven’t read the book)    
Read a new-to-you literary magazine (print or digital)    
Read a book recommended by a friend with different reading tastes    
Read a memoir written by someone who is trans or nonbinary    
Read a “Best _ Writing of the year” book for a topic and year of your choice    
Read a horror novel by a BIPOC author    
Read an award-winning book from the year you were born    
Read a queer retelling of a classic of the canon, fairytale, folklore, or myth    
Read a history about a period you know little about    
Read a book by a disabled author Demystifying Disability Done
Pick a challenge from any of the previous years’ challenges to repeat!    

POC: Person of Color
YA: Young Adult
TBR: To Be Read
BIPOC: Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Books with TV adaptation

  • The Essex Serpent
  • Shining Girls


  1. Deep Learning for Coders with Fastai and Pytorch
  2. Deep Learning with PyTorch
  3. Demystifying Disability
  4. Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift
  5. Clean Architecture (Connor Wallace)
  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  7. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction
  8. How to Talk About Books You Havent Read
  9. Where Good Ideas Come From
  10. One Minute To Do List
  11. Build Data Science Applications with FastAPI
  12. Range