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The original designOriginal Design
of this website was a lot more ostentatious than what you see here. As I progressed through the development process of this website, the current design started emerging on its own. For reasons I don't even understand, the current design just started feeling more natural than the one I had in my mind initially. The bare and simple look-n-feel of this site, at least to me, encompasses the essence of all the things I love about the sites I frequently visit — feed-like structure, previews, search with context, contextual backlinks, sidenotes, etc. I am hopeful that you'll love it too. :)

  • Page preview (Move your mouse over the link): Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Transclusion: Allows you to see a partial view of the contents of the website to the right or the left of the margin.
  • Sidenotes (Changelog you see on the left is an example of this).
  • Wiki-style link: Usually wikis allow you to specify links using double bracket, I added it here using liquid. Also added bad-link highlighting

Some Less know features:

  • Go back to the blog home or to the notes page, and try to right click on any of the entry. [Hint: Zettelkasten]

  • Press 'Shift + s' to trigger search

  • Click this cardMemorize me so that you do well in your exams::srs looking thing to know how I use my notes. [Hint: SRS]

Other Details:

  • The site lives on Github::https://github.com/rgvr/simply-jekyll and is served using Netlify
  • This website is statically generated using Jekyll from a set of Markdown files.
    • The Jekyll theme can be found on my Github Page, It is called "Simply-Jekyll"
  • Except lunrjs and katex, there are no third party libraries. Discord is an opt-in, I don't use on my site::https://rgvr.me. I strongly believe in user privacy.